The Role of the CIO

The role of the CIO in a modern organization is as the senior management “bridge” between the technical and business segments of a company. It is the responsibility of the CIO to make Information Technology, understandable, accessible, relevant, and not least of all, profitable.

On a daily basis a CIO is faced with making complex technology issues understandable to the broadest range of audiences. From the Board Room, to the "C-Level" officers, and on down into the rank and file of the organization, CIOs must explain technology in a way that allows their constituents to make important decisions about financial investments and critical business processes.

The establishment and maintenance of peer relationships with the other senior managers inside and outside the company is crucial to being effective as a CIO. A good CIO understands that to be successful, they must maintain a balance of competencies in both technology and politics.

This type of experience makes a CIO ideally suited to both provide advice on how Information Technology issues should be addressed in a "real-world" business environment, and to act as a credible Expert Witness that can relate complex issues in an understandable way.

Complete Dispute Definition - Flesh and Bones

Expert advice is of course available for the more technical areas such as software development methodologies, or the obscure nuances of the appropriate usage of software and hardware. These topics are the “bones” of any dispute’s definition. However, the issues spawned from these are often dry and difficult to relate to judge and jury.

The “flesh” of a dispute’s definition should be thought of in terms of interpersonal relations, office politics, the business environment, and the impact of change on people and organizations brought by Information Technology. These literal, flesh and blood issues are naturally easier to relate to the triers of fact, and therefore easier for them to achieve a level of comfort with when rendering their judgments in your litigation.

Please read "ERP Disputes: Uncovering the Secrets & Weighing the Issues" under the Articles section of this site for more insight into how a CIO's unique perspective can help in understanding complex Information Technology disputes.

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